5 things to Know Before Your Istanbul Visit

Istanbul is a huge city so you need help before your Istanbul visit. Lets find out 5 things to Know Before Your Istanbul Visit

1. Turkish people usually love to help, are friendly and inquisitive.

Don’t be surprised If some old women ask you “how old are you” or “Are you married because my nephew isn’t”. The traditional hospitality of the Turkish People will warm you up.

2. Here are some Turkish words you might need in your Istanbul Tour;

  • Merhaba = Hello

  • Teşekkür ederim = Thank You

  • Lütfen = Please

  • Ne kadar = How much is it ?

  • Pazarlık var mı? = Is the cost negotiable ?

  • Nerelisin ? = Where are you from?

  • Afiyet olsun = Enjoy your meal

  • Bunları istiyorum = I want those

  • Akşam Yemeği = Dinner

  • Öğle yemeği = Launch

  • Kahvaltı = Breakfast

3. Be careful about prices

Before ordering or paying, always double-check the pricing, both on the menu and on the bill or taxi meter, and ask about any discrepancies. In order to prepare for negotiating in Turkish Stores, find out the price and currency that they are offering in advance. It is acceptable to request a lower pricing. If that doesn’t work, get up and explain you’re running out of time before making sure that’s the best they can manage. The most important thing is to buy something you genuinely love.

4. Alla Turca toilets are common in public

While most Turkish museums, hotels, restaurants and airports have western-style toilets, you’ll frequently run across squat toilets on your travels. Most of the public toilets in Turkey charge a small fee so it would be better to carry some change. Most of the mosques have their own toilets (some of them free), so you’ll never be caught short.

5. Currency, tippings, etc

Turkish Lira is highly volatile so It will be better the Turkish Lira Currency before and during your trip. Most of the time, shopping with TL has more advantages than shopping with Euro or Dollar. For example, some merchants sell a bottle of water 2.5 TL for Turkish people and 1 Euro or Dollar for tourists. When we consider 1 Dollar is approximately 20 TL, this pricing is not fair. So we suggest you to learn the TL prices and shop with TL. Tipping is also common in Turkish Culture. Taxis or Hotel Workers might wait some tippings after they carry your bags or open your doors.

Of course, there are a lot of tourist traps in touristic cities all around the world. Sometimes it is better to walk with a local people. In that case our professional guides are ready to show you around and talk about the shortcuts about everything. You can personalize your trip in 2 min with Resfeber’s professional guides.

5 things to Know Before Your Istanbul Visit
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5 things to Know Before Your Istanbul Visit
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