Events and Activities in Istanbul. What to do in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city that offers a lot of different attractions and activities. Some of the most popular ones are the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar. Istanbul also hosts many festivals throughout the year.

People who are interested in attending an event should be aware that Istanbul has plenty of festivals every year. A few examples are the International Jazz Festival in April and International Film Festival in November.

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Here you can find some seasonal activities;

-Istanbul’s International Film Festival

This festival lasts 12 days and is annually organized by IKSV in April. You can find unforgettable moments in these films and get inspiration. This festival also includes workshops, activities, and some celebrities.

-Istanbul Tulip Festival

The Ottoman Empire and part of the Turkish Culture have been affected by Tulip’s beauty. Tulips are the symbol of the celebration for spring and this celebration is annually organized in Gulhane Park, Sultanahmet Square, Yildiz Park, Emirgan Park, and Beykoz Park which are one of the most famous places in Istanbul. This free festival offers various types of flowers and colors of beauty. There are also activities and workshops at this festival. There will be also a photo contest about tulips and winners will be awarded.

-Istanbul International Music Festival

Istanbul’s International Music Festival which is one of the longest (3 weeks) festivals in Istanbul is annually organized in June. There is unique work of music and unforgettable performances by artists who come from different parts of Istanbul. From Bach to Vivaldi, you can listen to different kinds of pieces of music in great historical places like Rahmi Koc Museum, Hagia Irene Museum and Surreya Opera House.

-Istanbul Coffee Festival

Have you heard about Turkish Coffee and its delicious taste? This festival offers you the different sides of Turkish Coffee Culture. You can explore espresso-based coffees or traditional sand-making Turkish Coffee. Istanbul Coffee Festival is a great answer for what to do in Istanbul. The festival is located in Maçka which is close to the Taksim area. The prices are generally affordable and the taste of the coffee is unforgettable. The festival longs about 4 days and each day you can enjoy the concert of the festival.

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Events and Activities in Istanbul. What to do in Istanbul?
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Events and Activities in Istanbul. What to do in Istanbul?
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