Frequently Asked Questions

Things travelers need to know

A personalized offer is an offer created just for you. All you have to do is let us know about your requests and with that information, we can create a personalized offer, fully customized to your preferences.


  • Want to add two extra stops to the highlights tour in İstanbul with a nice dinner reservation at the end? Contact ust and let us know your wishes so we can create a personal program just for you!

  • Turn a food tour to a vegetarian version with a pick-up from your hotel in İstanbul. Message us and let them us what you like, we will adjust the itinerary to your wishes!

  • Want to have a tour which is not listed on the website, where you list all the stops you want to see? Contact us and we will make a special offer for you.

Our mission is to connect people and cultures. We do that by breaking down barriers between travelers and locals worldwide. We enable locals to earn their fair share with the passion they have for their city while creating experiences for travelers that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Why you should choose Resfeber? All our experiences are 100% private, can be 100% personalized, and are 100% authentic.

We promote sustainable tourism, with an emphasis on creating value for local communities, and giving our guests the chance to have a positive impact locally.

Requesting a Personalized offer based on an existing experience is very easy! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select you category (Food, History, Culture, Shopping)

  2. Register by filling the form

  3. That is it! Now we will reach you in hours and assign a Professional guide as you wish

If you cannot attend an experience on the booked date anymore, you can reach us to reschedule your booking or to cancel it.

Awesome! We hope it is the offer you were dreaming of!

Now you can wait your unforgettable tour date. If you do want to request some changes, let your guide know and they will make sure to modify it to your wishes.

At Resfeber we value the natural environment of our destinations.

As a guest, you can help to keep it clean by reducing waste and not taking anything with you that belongs in nature. For example, carrying a refillable bottle with you is a great alternative to buying plastic bottles.

Remember to only take memories and leave little footprints!

Your host may request an extra payment if they have personalized the offer for you. Some of the most common reason why our host may ask for extra are the following:

  • Extra tastings(food tours)

  • Extra stops

  • Pick up/ drop off, when not included in the price

  • Adding extra guests

Except these all costs are included to the prices. If a Guide ask more Money, you can always contact with us.

It’s very exciting that your experience and your trip are starting soon!

There are a few things you can do to be ready for your experience so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

We strongly recommend that you check the meeting point for the tour or confirm the pick up with your guide. If you are not sure how to reach the meeting point by yourself, your guide will be happy to help you with information about the city and the most convenient way to reach the meeting point.

In general, reaching out to your guide beforehand is always a good idea! They can indicate any special equipment that you may need. We also recommend that you share with your guide in advance any special requirement you may have.

You’re ready to enjoy a wonderful Resfeber experience.

Resfeber promotes the respect of local heritage and landmarks. Don’t forget you are visiting a place that is unique and you want other travelers after you to enjoy the beauty as well!

Respecting the rules and boundaries on local sites, by choosing reusable options in order to reduce plastic pollution, but also choosing to visit lesser known sites help convey more benefits to the local communities and protecting incredible places.