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Resfeber Istanbul Tours 2023


As Resfeber, we guarantee that you will get unforgettable experiences and see beautiful local places with our Professional Guides. We know you are important and you need a perfect vacation to clear your mind, relax, explore new cultures and get rid of all bad things in your life so we offer personalized, flexible and experience focused tours. It’s about time right. You are not supposed to sign mass tours and standard tour programs, tours should fit your schedule. Come and personalize your tours with us. Maybe we cannot extend your vacation time but we can still work on getting better and personalizing your experiences.

Emre Çetinaslan – Marketing and Operation Manager

Emre previously won the BAT Battle of Minds Marketing Competition in the Turkey and raised the semifinals in Europe, got the market leadership with La Cucina Tasting in a short time, founded low budged startups and gained experience in sales, management, and marketing, graduated from METU and finished the artificial intelligent program in Koç University. Emre also worked in Unilever, Coca Cola, British American Tobacco, and Pladis Global in sales, marketing and customer insight departments. His social assistance Project “Bana Bir Kitap Çizer Misin?” is a source of pride for him.

Ataberk Canpolat – Product Manager

İnsanlardan Alıntılar

Başlamanın yolu, konuşmayı bir kenara bırakmak ve yapmaya başlamaktır.

Walt Disney

Harry, gerçekten kim olduğumuzu gösteren becerilerimizden daha çok kendi seçimlerimizdir.

J. K. Rowling

Bitti diye ağlama, gerçekleştiği için gülümse.

Dr. Seuss

Hadi birlikte bir şeyler inşa edelim.

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