Historical Places in Istanbul By Walking

Istanbul is one of the richest city in terms of historical places. Lets explore 10 Historical Places Close to Each Other in Istanbul

1) Galata Tower

We start our list with one of the most famous historical places in Beyoğlu and even in Istanbul. This watchtower, built by the Genoese in 1267, was left to the Ottoman Empire with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. This structure has been used for various purposes such as a place where prisoners of war are held, a supply warehouse and a fire watchtower. It has survived to the present and was included in the World Heritage Tentative List in Turkey by UNESCO in 2013. Today, it serves as a museum and exhibition place. We definitely recommend you to climb this tower and enjoy the city and sea view.

2)Dolmabahçe Palace

This palace, which was built by Sultan Abdülmecid in 1843, has the title of the 3rd largest palace in Istanbul. In this period, western influences began to be seen in Turkish architecture and this palace was built in an architectural style called “Turkish Rococo”. This Palace Having hosted many Ottoman sultans, it is also the place where the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, passed away. Today, it is used as a museum, you can examine the interior architecture of this magnificent palace and travel in history.

3)Narmanlı Inn

Located in the Beyoğlu, Istanbul, this inn is one of the oldest buildings in the district. Built-in 1831, the building was used as the Russian Embassy until 1880, then as a Russian prison until 1914, and as a studio and residence in the following years. It has hosted many famous Turkish writers and artists. On your journey, you can stop by Narmanlı Han, take a break at one of the cafes in the vicinity and try Turkish delicacies.

4)Kamondo Stairs

The Kamondo Stairs were built in the 1850s for Abraham Salomon Kamondo, one of the most important banker families of the region, the Kamondo Family. It is said that the unusual structure of the stairs was for a falling person could at least stand in one place. These stairs, with their extraordinary architecture, offer tourists the opportunity to take extraordinary photos.

5)French Palace

Also belonging to Beyoğlu, this elegant building dating from 1839 is home to the French Consul General in Istanbul. There are many historical paintings and antiques in this place and important exhibitions are held on. It is also home to a small church.

6)Historical Galatasaray Bath

We continue our list with the Historical Galatasaray Bath in Beyoğlu. In 1481 it was built by Bayezid II, this bath continues the 500-year-old traditional Ottoman bath culture today. You can bathe in this bath, which has various services, or you can get an additional massage or care services.

7)Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1460, it is the largest bazaar in the world and one of the oldest covered bazaars. This bazaar welcomes nearly 91 million tourists annually and hosts almost 4000 shops. Souvenirs, clothes, Turkish delight, famous Turkish rugs, and Turkish tile artworks can be found in this bazaar. If we count your location as Beyoğlu, you can go to this historical place in Fatih in 30-40 minutes by public transport.

8)Egyptian Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is a tourist attraction located in Eminönü, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The bazaar was built in 1660 and took its name from the Egyptian warehouses in the region. The bazaar fascinates visitors with its historical texture and various products. In Spice Bazaar, many shops sell products such as spices, nuts, jewelry, carpets, and sweets. In addition, Turkish coffee is among the products sold here. The colorful showcases and historical atmosphere of the shops in the bazaar attract the attention of tourists.

9)Büyük Valide Han & Büyük Yeni Han

These two places are together on our list due to their proximity to each other.

Büyük Valide Han was built by Kösem Sultan, in the 17th century. You can also visit the courtyards of this historic inn and shop at the workshop shops inside.

Büyük Yeni Han is located across the street from Büyük Valide Han. In 1764, It was built by Mustafa III. With an area of 5180 m2, it is the second inn building that covers over the widest area of Istanbul after Büyük Valide Han. You can also visit the courtyards of this inn and shop from the shops.

10)The Basilica Cistern

We end our list with one of the oldest buildings in Istanbul. This cistern was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I between the years (527-565 AD). It is a giant structure covering a rectangular area of 140 meters in length and 70 meters in width. It houses giant columns and various Roman sculptures such as the head of Medusa, which is the subject of many legendary stories. We definitely recommend you to be in the fascinating environment of this cistern. In addition, although not on our list, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are also very close to this Cistern.

Historical Places in Istanbul By Walking
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Historical Places in Istanbul By Walking
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