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Top 10 Essentials for Travel and Travellers

Going abroad ? Here you can find Top 10 essentials for travel and travellers.

1.Universal Travel Adaptor

You should keep in mind that countries have differently shaped electrical outlets on the wall which offer different voltages. You can carry a small adaptor in order to charge your devices while traveling the world.

2. Passport and Visas

Passports and Visas are one of the most important things to remember carrying while traveling abroad. You should pay attention to dates in order not to expire in your travel time. Some countries require a visa so you can check the requirements of the target country before your bookings. Making electronic and hard copies of all important documents will protect you from unwanted situations.

3. Debit or Credit Card

Money is one of the most important things for your travel so pack your credit or debit cards for withdrawing foreign cash from ATMs. 

Instead transfer money at the airport, visit a bank in your destination; banks offer more value for your money as airports often charge high commission rates. 

You can also consider getting a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees so you can save more money while traveling

4.Books or ebooks

A good book adds value to your travel, and especially an essential for travel. You can save time between destinations by reading books. Maybe you might want to try a local book which is written in your language or English.

Top 10 Travelling Essentials

5. Camera

Some moments should be recorded, right? You can always take beautiful and unforgettable photos from your travel. You don’t need to carry a physical camera because many smartphones have this function. We strongly recommend you use a smart phone which offers at least HD view.  


Headphones are one of the most important travel essentials. A music playlist or a great podcast will be great for long travel days, especially if you are a solo traveler and love listening to music

7. Comfortable Walking Shoes

As you guess, you will walk a lot in your travels. Sometimes you get beautiful experiences while walking around the city.  It is important to use comfortable shoes, especially for long walking tours. You might want to focus your attention on the world around you, not on your outfits.

Top 10 Travelling Essentials


Every point of the world has a different culture. If you’re staying in a busy city or a hostel dorm room, consider packing earplugs.

Noise from the city or noisy travelers in your room/hostel can keep you up all night. Earplugs can help block out the noise and give you a good sleep.

9. Medications

If you have any diseases and medications for these diseases, talk to your doctor before you go traveling and ensure you have enough to last you throughout your trip.

10. One or Two Nice Outfits

Although you will probably wear comfy clothes during %99 of your travel, we recommend packing 1 or 2 nice outfits for special occasions. 

Whether it’s a nice dinner, a party, or a show, it’s fun to dress up once in a while.

Top 10 Essentials for Travellers and Traveling Abroad
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Top 10 Essentials for Travellers and Traveling Abroad
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